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USS Liberty Shipwreck

If getting "wrecked" is your thing, we have the famous USAT Liberty wreck right on our doorstep!  

A cargo-ship with stem-engine with a weight around 6200 ton, started from New Jersey (US) in 1918.  On 11 January she was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine about 20 km south in the Lombok Strait and in 1963 the eruption of Mount Agung caused the vessel to slip off the beach, and she now lies on a sandy slope in 5 to 30 meters of water. 

The wreck rests on its starboard (right) side, 35 metres from the beach in Tulamben. The bow pointing north on the edge of a very steep, sloping sand bottom. The Liberty is far from intact, though some parts you can easily recognize. There is a lot of swim-throughs, though it should be used caution when penetrating. The Liberty is also good for one or two night dives. Big nudies, weird  crustaceans, morays, crabs, shrimps and bump heads is some of the main highlights! Recommended. 


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